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IoT Application Development Services
IoT Application

MobileStack Inc., has developed I-MobileStackTM technology that is deployed in the cloud and used by IoT device developers to quickly develop a connected product with Cloud, Analytics and Mobile-Application framework pieces integrated into their IoT device product.

IoT Application

Different connectivity options of Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular connections are used as connection-option based on IoT device rqmts. We offer MQTT based messaging option for sending and receiving IoT data/control information between device & Cloud.

Use of I-MobileStackTM technology offers IoT Back-end as a Service (I-BaaS) platform with HTTP clients running on IOS/Android and MQTT client for IoT devices. Application specific Javascript code can be written to client/server as business logic for your specific application.

With use of already developed I-MobileStackTM technology from MobileStack, IoT device development startup can quickly create a complete end-to-end application at lower cost and faster time-to-market.

MobileStack provides comprehensive IoT cloud technology components for integration into customer IoT solution to quickly test IoT device performance in device trial and test the market before investing more heavily in IoT infrastructure development. As IoT device company gains market share and want to invest in their own IoT end-to-end solution then MobileStack help them develop their own IoT Cloud solution using development

For an IoT startup, this could become a “key differtiator” in initial stages of IoT device development as you try to gain traction in the market-place. We hope to work with you as a partner in this IoT development life-cycle. As your business grows, we will continue to evolve with you to grow your solution to a “global” scale.

IoT Prototype
IoT Prototype

A Prototype is a first iteration of product to demonstrate business viability, user-desirability and technical-feasibility. IoT Prototype is an important step in building confidence in proposed IoT solution and ensure that proposed IoT solution shall serve business needs. Using I-MobileStack IoT solution components, MobileStack can quickly build an IoT PoC solution that can be used by customer for market trial/RoI evaluation.

For IoT device startup, MobileStack offers specialized IoT device connectivity, backend cloud solution and backend application development to deliver information/services to IoT device developer’s targeted users for trial/early feedback. We provide faster time-to-market at lower cost solution to IoT device developers using our IoT solution covered IoT PoC Solution page.

For IoT customers in different vertical markets, MobileStack offers IoT Proof of Concept development services to provide an early assessment of business benefits before investing money in a broader deployment. In this case, IoT POC/trial provide an important first step in evaluation of IoT solution deployment benefits, training on proposed solution to evaluate operational impacts, Business case assumptions validation and confidence in going forward with execution phase of IoT solution deployment.

IoT Solution Development

Companies are launching IoT initiatives where technology promises to address real business problems. Some of those companies have found success with IoT in a relatively short period of time. Others are still in the planning or exploration stage. IoT holds promise in operational efficiency, identifying new business opportunities, and improved customer intelligence and support. It also is a technology concept that both serves and connects the enterprise and consumer markets.

According to McKinsey & Co, the merging of the physical and digital worlds via IoT could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025. IoT solution creates opportunities to reshape the many industries.

IoT Solution Development
What is involved in IoT Solution development?

Unfortunately, building IoT application could be challenging. IoT technology is evolving very fast and to keep up with all new innovation in IoT space is a daunting task for a business looking to deploy a solution. Most IoT solutions are a complex integration of heterogeneous mix of IoT devices, connectivity solution, back-end cloud solution, middleware, machine learning, Analytics and mobile applications. Different vertical industries have industry vertical specific solution.

iot solution
Complex IoT ecosystem

In addition, IoT application development requires highly trained staff with deep knowing of vertical industry requirements to choose the best fit IoT solution for a business. Hence, use of IoT integrators and IoT application developers like MobileStack Inc is a smart choice for businesses.

Complex IoT ecosystem
IoT solution development requires use of several standards

Hardware standards

Cloud standards & Open Source software

Security standards

Industry standards

Data standards

Privacy standards

Regulatory standards

To build an IoT solution

To build an IoT solution, following 6 steps are used:

Identify and analyze customer problem

Figure out what solution requirements will best solve customer problem

Identify and build a PoC for early feedback from customer

Architect the solution

Build the solution

Deploy the solution

IoT Security

Cloud computing security is a fast-growing service that provides many of the same functionalities as traditional IT security. This includes protecting critical information from theft, data leakage and deletion. One of the benefits of cloud services is that you can operate at scale and still remain secure. It is similar to how you currently manage security, but now you have new ways of delivering security solutions that address new areas of concern. Cloud security does not change the approach on how to manage security from preventing to detective and corrective actions. but it does however give you the ability to perform these activities in a more agile manner.

IoT Analytics

Cloud analytics is term for a set of technological and analytical tools and techniques specifically designed to help clients extract information from massive data. Cloud analytics is designed to make official statistical data readily categorized and available via the users web browser.

IoT Device Integration Service

IoT Device Integration Service

A lot of startups and new businesses are creating new IoT devices for different vertical markets. While they have the expertise in developing an IoT device for a specific vertical market of application, developing an end-to-end solution connecting IoT device using a connectivity solution, IoT-backend cloud solution with IoT application and analytics is a daunting task.

IoT Device

MobileStack Inc., acts as a partner to IoT device developer to create an end-to-end solution for faster path to market trials. MobileStack has a pre-build back-end PoC platform which can be used to integrate with IoT device developed by IoT device partner to quickly create a market trial solution. When IoT device is partner is ready for IoT solution/product launch and need an end-to-end IoT solution, MobileStack can help IoT device partner with development of such a solution.

IoT Training & Technical Support Services

MobileStack provides training and support services for IoT.

Training Services

MobileStack offers educational and training courses to understand and learn the basics as well as technical details of IoT solution deployment.

MobileStack can also create custom courses for businesses based on their specific needs.

iot training

General courses available for Mobile Cloud solutions are:

Introduction to IoT Cloud application & its benefits and impacts.

Technical course for IoT solution development and deployment.

Advance level technical course for IoT solution devOps and operations.

Technical Support

MobileStack offers following technical support services

Solution Updates and patches

Solution Updates/patches to keep the solution up-to-date

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Performance Management

Performance Management and Monitoring

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